Tasting workshops

Tasting workshops gather at fixed times several groups of people previously registered on the website or onthe same day at the information stand.

An animator will accompany your group through the Swiss regional products market to meet producers and you will choose together original products from all over the country. Then, your group will head to a reserved room, in which the selected products will be tasted and commented. This privileged moment of sharing is a great source of discovery. Your animator will take this opportunity to share his passion for local products and his way of showcasing them. Another objective is to discover his selection criteria for the different products chosen.

These services of approximately one hour are free.


Saturday 25th September 2021

11:15 : 

11:30 : 

14:15 : 

14:30 : 

14:45 : 

15:00 : 

15:15 : 

15:45 : 

16:00 : 

16:15 : 


Sunday 26th September 2021

09:30 : 

09:45 : 

10:00 : 

11:15 : 

11:30 : 

11:45 : 

13:30 : 

14:15 : 

14:30 : 

14:45 : 


Free. Please book in the information stand or by pre-registration by e-mail to sebastien.courtet@frij.ch

Tasting workshops hosts

Chiefs "Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe"

Swiss farmerwifes


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