swiss competition


Purpose of the contest


To provide an opportunity for producers to submit their products to a jury of consumers, professional tasters and fellow producers.


To encourage quality development and emulation in the manufacture of specialties from the different regions of Switzerland. To present a showcase of the best local products.


To promote the image of local products in the media and among consumers. To give consumers the chance to discover or rediscover the best local products.


Recognition warranty

The award-winners in each category will enjoy special promotion of their merchandise and receive widespread media coverage. The tasting evaluations will be undertaken by independent juries. This competition is a unique chance to show off the quality of your product!



The products listed will be submitted to a jury led by Swiss specialists in sensory analysis, by famous gastronomists, and by consumers. Blind tastings will be conducted by teams of professionals, craftspeople, and consumers.



Through its awards ceremony and the presentation of the winner products, the Swiss contest proclaims its ambition to become an acknowledged rendezvous for amateurs of authentic local products.

Organized by the Interjurassian Rural Foundation, the competition is supported by influential agents on the local products market. Associations and personalities in the fields of gastronomy, media and agriculture are also sponsoring the competition.




Gold, Silver and Bronze


A medal indicates that the award-winner is one of the best organoleptic products in its category. All registered products, whether they receive an award or not, will be given a certificate of sensory evaluation. Each award-winner will receive a diploma. Adhesive recognition labels may also be obtained.








Excellence Award medals reward the best product in each category.
Five prizes will be awarded, one in each product category.



Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP
Fromagerie d'Echarlens, Pasquier Frédéric

A - Milk products

Demi-lune à la raisinée BIO

Demi-lune à la raisinée BIO
MR Chocolat, Randin Michaël

B - Bakery and pastry products


Filet de Porc Fermier aux Herbes
Suter Viandes Carouge SA, Philippe Gerber

C - Meat products


Sirop-Fleurs de Foin
Chalet Mont-Crosin, Vital Armon

D - Fruits, vegetables, honeys, various


Damassine AOP 2022
Claude Schaffter

E - Alcoholic drinks



Best producer


The Best Producer Award recognizes the work of a producer, rather than a particular product. The award will be given to the producer who obtains the best average score on at least 3 different products submitted in the same category.



Association BEPI
A - Milk products


Kraehenbuehl Annick
B - Bakery and pastry products


Boucherie Nicolier
C - Meat products


Biohof Oberzingen, Anna & Thomas Joss
D - Fruits, vegetables, honeys, various


Erika & Franz Fassbind
E - Alcoholic drinks





The Innovation Award was presented for the first time at the 10th edition of the Swiss Regional Products Competition. It is awarded to products whose ingredients, manufacturing process and social benefits (sustainability, ethics and nutritional physiology) constitute an innovation for regional products.  An expert jury determines the nominees and awards a single Innovation Prize in all categories.


Konstantin Mochalov




The products entered are subject to a jury headed by Swiss specialists in the field of sensory analysis. Blind tasting Tests are conducted by teams of professionals, craftspeople and consumers.


Edith Beutler
Agroscope, Liebefeld
A - Milk products


Yves Beuchat
ARABPC, Bassecourt
B - Bakery and pastry products


Jacques Neuenschwander
ABZ, Spiez
C - Meat products


Byron Catechis
The Beverage Institute
D - Fruits, vegetables, honeys, various


SJonas Inderbitzin

Agroscope, Wädenswil
E - Alcoholic drinks



Guests of honor






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